Malta’s Foreign Affairs Ministry is not in charge of coordinating the supplies Malta is sending to Ukraine.

Yesterday on Facebook Bartolo said that Malta will be sending medicine and medical supplies to Ukraine.

So I asked outgoing Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo about what medicines Malta will be sending to Ukraine. However, his spokesperson Joseph Borg said:

“Kindly note that these questions do not fall under the remit of MFEA and should have been directed to the Ministry of Interior.”

Then I turned to Byron Camilleri’s Facebook page. He’s the outgoing Interior Minister.

His only post I could find about the war was the one below. In it, he says that the Civil Protection Department (CPD) will be coordinating humanitarian aid sent to other countries.

Whether or not it’s wise to hand this responsibility to the Home Affairs Ministry rather than that of the Foreign Affairs Ministry remains to be seen.

Technically speaking, it means that right now the person in charge for Malta’s humanitarian aid is the same one that ignored all those pleas for him to kick out Alex Dalli from his role as the head of Malta’s prison until his hands were tied.

Nevertheless, it’s good for everyone to know who is in charge of what. Especially other fellow journalists who currently have their hands full covering the general election campaign. Hopefully, they’ll be able to pick up these stories when time allows for it.

So now I’ll be sending the same questions to the Home Affairs Ministry and we’ll see what they say.