Outgoing Malta Health Minister has not replied to questions asking about the stock levels of potentially life-saving medicine which would need to be used in the event of a nuclear radiation emergency.

A few days ago, lawyer Michael Zammit Maempel suggested that Maltese journalists should ask about the stock of potassium iodide and potassium iodate pills in Malta.

Upon his suggestion, I tried to ask this legitimate question to the Maltese Health Ministry. But so far it’s been radio silence. I’m not surprised since this is the same ministry that blacklisted me during the covid pandemic after I was asking questions that the ministry found uncomfortable.

The safety of Maltese citizens should be a government’s priority. You deserve to know whether or not your government has the resources to guarantee your safety.

As Russia’s war rages on, more and more people are asking whether or not Robert Abela’s government is capable of handling the ongoing crisis.

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