Malta’s government has not denied that it is threatening Ukrainians that join protests against Russia’s war.

The practice was first exposed by the pro-democracy and pro-Ukraine blogger Manuel Delia. The ruling party is no fan of Delia either. It recently targeted Delia by plastering his face on a billboard. This move received international condemnation.

While most of Europe is expressing solidarity with Ukraine, Delia revealed that Maltese government officials were telling Ukrainians not to join protests against the war. In the meantime, mass demonstrations in support of Ukraine have been organised around the globe.

The story about Ukrainians being harassed was later picked up by Malta’s leading newspaper the Times of Malta. The newspaper also reported that administrators of a Ukrainian community Facebook group warned members that only Malta’s government could provide them with administrative assistance.

In light of these reports, I reached out to the head of Malta’s government communications team Matthew Carbone. He failed to answer any of the questions sent to him by the time this article was published.

I sent separate questions to Malta’s police force about the threats the Ukrainians were receiving. The questions were acknowledged but the police are yet to comment on the matter.

Malta ruling party not so keen about pro-Ukraine protests

This isn’t the first time that pro-Ukraine protests in Malta have been mentioned in the press.

The editor of the Times of Malta recently Tweeted:

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