Malta is still not seen as a full ally by Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Zelensky addressed the European Council yesterday. He named the different EU countries and indicated what level of support they were offering Ukraine.

When it was Malta’s turn, Zelensky said:

“Malta – I believe we will succeed.”

In comparison with the words reserved for other nations, it’s better than “Ireland, well, almost” but not as good as “Lithuania stands for us” for instance.

The Daily Mail interpreted Zelensky’s Malta’s comment as meaning that Malta is standing with Ukraine. But other sites described the comment as positive but vague.

Zelensky mentions Malta at around 09:37 in the video above.

One can’t blame Zelensky for having doubts about Malta. The Maltese government still hasn’t fully stopped selling passports to Russian oligarchs and the Maltese police force already moved protest items that were placed in front of the Russian embassy. Malta must and should do more to show that it’s on the right side of history.