Malta’s new Foreign Minister Ian Borg is being indecisive as he faces his first real test in his new role.

Right now, other EU countries are taking action and started to expel dozens of Russian Diplomats. They are doing this in response to the killing of Ukrainian civilians by Russian soldiers.

More than 325 diplomats and embassy workers have been expelled since Moscow invaded Ukraine, according to The Guardian. Almost 200 have been expelled from European countries this week.

EU countries that kicked out diplomats include Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Germany, and France.

France’s EU Minister Clément Beaune said that “in some territories, there are people presented as diplomats who were, or could be, threatening our essential interests.”

In light of this, I asked Malta’s Foreign Affairs Ministry for its view on the matter but I received no reply by the time this article was published.

It appears that Borg is happier playing it safe by appearing on his party’s own propaganda media outlet where he knows he won’t be challenged. It’s easier for him to do that rather than answer questions from the independent press.

The only action that Malta has taken so far about Russian diplomats is to increase their security.