Outgoing Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri is keeping tight-lipped about what humanitarian aid Malta is sending to Ukraine.

Why is this question being asked to Camilleri you might ask? It’s because Foreign Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo told me that questions about what Malta is sending to Ukraine should be asked to the Ministry of the Interior. You can read about that here.

Unfortunately, Camilleri didn’t reply to the questions sent to him by the time this article was published. If Byron Camilleri and his colleagues are trying to convince the world that they are changing their pro-Kremlin stance, they’re not doing a very good job. Following my blog post yesterday, even more questions are being raised about Putin’s reach in Malta.

I’ll keep chasing Camilleri so that we’re all better informed and not kept in the dark about yet another issue.

I’m glad that my reporting is already proving useful for Maltese journalists. Unfortunately, most of them have their hands full already with the general election. Yesterday, the Times of Malta picked up on my very first blog post and confirmed my reporting. That story was about the police moving items left in protest in front of the Russian Embassy. You can read my blog post on that here.