Manuel Delia’s report about members of the Ukrainian community in Malta saying that they were warned not to attend pro-Ukraine protests sparked an investigation by Malta’s police force.

On the 11th of March Manuel Delia reported:

“Members of the Ukrainian community living in Malta have told this website they have received warnings from Maltese government officials to stay away from protests for peace called by NGO Repubblika.”

You can read his original blog post here. His story about Ukrainians being harassed was later picked up by Malta’s leading newspaper the Times of Malta.

In light of these reports, I reached out to the head of Malta’s government communications team Matthew Carbone. He failed to answer any of the questions sent to him.

I had also sent questions to the Maltese police about these threats.

After a long wait, the police finally got back to me saying that the case was investigated. However, the police claim that through their investigations they determined that “the allegations were unfounded.”

Their reply was very brief so it’s not possible to understand how and why the police reached this conclusion.